Availability of Graindrops the Only Non-dairy, Koji Processed Probiotic Beverage Is Expanding!

Graindrops the first non-dairy based koji-processed probiotic and can now be purchased off the shelf in over 175 Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.

Graindrops is a probiotic non-dairy beverage that is organic, gluten-free, vegan, soy free and non-GMO. It is now available nationwide at Whole Foods Markets. Graindrops is the first beverage in the U.S. to earn Koji master designation. Koji culturing produces a rich, rounded, full flavor that supports the digestive system and immune health.

Graindrops the first non-dairy based koji-processed probiotic and can be purchased off the shelf in over 175 Whole Foods Market stores nationwide.  Customers can ask their local Whole Foods Market grocery buyer when the product will be in their favorite store. It is expected that Graindrops will be on the shelf in over 300 Whole Foods Market locations by summer.

“Our quest was to merge this wisdom of the ancient Eastern tradition with Western science and advances in technology.”   Susanne & Torodd Lien, co-founders of Graindrops discussing the Koji process.

Probiotics are being touted in an increasing number of studies that show healthy digestive systems benefit sports training, depression treatment, lowers blood pressure, reduces inflammation and supports health therapy. Guided by the help of the best Japanese and Chinese koji masters, microbiologists and food scientists Graindrops has been developed over 14 years in both Europe and the United States.

“In his weekly Wednesday at Whole Foods series, Max Goldberg says: “It didn’t take long for me to be blown away by a new drink called Graindrops… I couldn’t stop drinking it.”

Koji’s naturally occurring enzymes breakdown whole grains, releasing their nutritional goodness while imparting delicious flavor and aroma. Graindrops does not use chemical or industrial enzymes, preferring instead small batch, artisan-made Koji. Graindrops then infuse billions of live active cultures to promote complete digestive health. The result is a refreshing low-fat, triple-cultured probiotic drink that is smooth and creamy, a good source of whole-grain fiber and deliciously satisfying.

About Graindrops:  Based in Northern California, Graindrops is dedicated to promoting optimal health through wholesome nutrition. Using batch crafted koji, Graindrops probiotic beverage is made from the purest ingredients to promote digestive health and deliver extraordinary nutritional value.  Find us on Facebook!

For more information on Graindrops, please visit at www.graindrops.com.

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